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What We Can Do

An Engaging And Memorable Service

We provide a range of services in South Hampshire (we provide services outside of these areas with additional travel costs), online or in a hybrid model (both online and in-person). Services include individual sport or performance psychology support, team or group (2+ individuals) performance support, mental skills and strategies training, sports counselling and mental health enhancement, bespoke workshop programs and tailored infographics (all underpinned by Acceptance Commitment Therapy).

With all services, a first contact phone call will be free. Then an initial 30-minute session is needed to fill out paperwork, organize payment, and discuss goals, this can be done online and will cost £15. The location of in-person consultations is down to the client.

Our Pricing

Sport & Performance Psychology Pricing Plan

Individual support in a Hybrid or Online format starts at £90 for 3 sessions, and £115 for 4 sessions, £160 for 6 sessions, £200 for 8 (excluding any additional travel charges). In-person sessions start at £120 for 3, £150 for 4, £225 for 6, and 8 for £280 (excluding any additional travel charges).

Prices for workshops vary depending on time and content but are usually between £75-£150. Team performance support and other services vary so contact us for an enquiry.

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The map above shows our travel expense-free 10-mile radius (Isle of Wight not included).


Individual Support Package

Content included in the individual support package:

From £90 for 3 sessions

  • Any materials, measures, learning aids, observations of training or matches
  • Out-of-session contact every 3 days (or specified dates)
  • Out-of-session text support
  • Travel expenses (within a 10-mile radius)

Ultimate Season Individual Package

The ultimate season individual package (46 weeks) includes:

£575 (Hybrid / Online)

£805 (In person)

  • Consultations every 2 weeks for an entity of a season (23 sessions over 46 weeks)
  • Pre and post-season psychological analysis
  • Unlimited out-of-session support
  • Pre and post-match check-ups

Heightened Performance

Want to Transform Your Performace & Mentality ?

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